Hello world!… Or the 6 people reading.

Welcome to the inital post for my blog. I will attempt to blog on a regular ,semi-regular or irregular basis depending upon my mood time and attitude at any given day week or moment.

As a reader of my biog you are certain to read thought provoking comments  and bare witness to my often strange sense of humor. you will certainly witness the massacre of the English language and incredible grammatical errors! Please feel free to point them out, but don’t expect them to change. Many have tried and few have had success .

My goal is to have fun and provide a slightly different viewpoint on current events, and commentary on  some of today’s more pressing issues. but mostly I hope you the reader appreciate a different perspective and the result is a humorous break from the ordinary. It also will serve as a medium to house my short stories and Ramblings. If it brings a smile or a laugh to another, evokes thought, then it is a worthwhile endevor.



All content ©onthedarkside J.K. Dark


~ by onthedarkside on March 18, 2009.

2 Responses to “Hello world!… Or the 6 people reading.”

  1. Nice Kev, very nice! I can’t wait to read you blog! I have you bookmarked! Have fun being creative, you’re right, I am in a much better mood hen I am painting or cutting out my little things(paper dolls!)

    Enjoy, Jul

  2. I love your mind 🙂

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