The Economic Mess and a few Random Thoughts

A Dog by another Name

A Dog by another Name

Admittedly I am no economist. I would not profess to have the solution to the current debacle. I do however have a few thoughts on the subject which i will share.
That Said I am an Animal lover and I know a dog when i see one. And folk’s the economy and the resulting actions taken over the last 6 months, well they are beginning to smell like a dog as well.
I have observed our politicians fighting over ” pork” like a dog attacks a bone. Our nations Banks and major financial institutions lining up for ” stimulus” as though it were jargon for a ” bitch in heat”. Frightening !
Certainly you will find no solution in my writings today, I can only hope our politicians can learn the true meaning of the term ” non Partisan” and work for solutions for all of us. But that too is beginning to smell like a kennel?
Meanwhile us ” Folk’s” here on “Main Street” put our waders on and head out to clean up the ” kennel”, I thought it might be wise to begin cataloguing a dictionary of some of the ” BUZZ WORDS” we have heard both pre and post election, give them definition from a ” main street” point of view and have a few laughs before we all end up crying as the real costs begin to come in to focus?

 Over the next several posts I will begin that daunting task, and welcome any suggestions as we put together The Dictionary. I leave you with a few examples and a funny magazine cover from the truest source of news available anymore, the Onion.

                                          The New Stimulus Dictonary
1. Pork: a term used to describe a southern barbeque delicacy,and the division of our tax dollars and childrens tax dollars from the year 2020 by bloated career politicians of both political parties.
2. Stimulus: a term formerly used by sexual researchers Masters & Johnson to describe arousal of both male and female sex the phrase coined to arouse a response in our economy and hopefully we wont get screwed by it’s new definition.



~ by onthedarkside on March 20, 2009.

4 Responses to “The Economic Mess and a few Random Thoughts”

  1. ahaaaahhhhhha! Excellent. I can think of more than a few adjectives. I am glad you used the term “career Politicians”. THEY MUST GO. Just because your daddy was a senator doesn’t make you a Senator, they haven’t figured that one out yet, neither have their constituents. The are the real idiots! They vote these people in simply because they regognize the last name not their actual skills. God forbid they read before they vote. You did forget a key definition for “Pork”. Charlie Rangle..surely there is a joke here somewhere!!!
    Great Piece Kev! J

  2. Hey, I got my “Pork ” politicians Wrong…the REAL pork joke is Barny Frank!!!!! I am sure Charlie is full of Pork or whatever 4 letter word you would like to insert here!

  3. Julie,
    enough material to cover a lifetime. I agree special mention need be made regarding the Leadership of Barney Frank (oxymoron) and charlie Rangel… well absurd sells in america?
    just goes to show with pckaging even crap sells .

  4. I have had to turn off my favorite T.V. show for awhile- Fox, Fox and more Fox. Only so I don’t give Hussein Obama the pleasure of making me run for my Xanax bottle. Say hello to Karl for me! He’s awesome!!!

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