The Hidden Treasure in the Vestibule.

vestibule-22beer-barrellPlanted on the southern corner of a 4 way stop sign in New Melle Missouri, sits a quaint country Tavern/ Bar & Grill /Barber shop. Hard to miss Liz’s Place as the town of New Melle has only 2 four way stop signs.

Liz’s like many small town taverns ,sits as an endangered species as the urban sprawl of big cities both populate and pollute our small town s and business’s. The balance of prosperity and country charm was still intact the Friday evening of my visit. For that i will be forever grateful.

An impromptu gathering of family members off to grab a quick bite and converse, led us to Liz’s place . Retirement and geography had led my Uncle and Aunt to discover the aforementioned diamond in the rough . We stopped in for dinner and the resulting free entertainment.

“Karaoke night” the attractive young lady who happened to be the Bartender/waitress/cook/soothsayer , pronounced as we sat at one of the 8 tables in the place. My Aunt and Uncle were ” irregulars” (occasional regulars) and the young lady recited their previous choice in beer’s  from her remarkable memory as it had been months since their last visit. my mother and I chose from the list of beverages and were as welcomed as the rest of the locals. (I have no doubt she commited our drinks to memory, and i look forward to testing it in the next 6 months! ) We ordered our Hamburgers, cheeseburgers,fries and onion rings and commenced sipping our drinks and alternating between talking and tossing peanut shells on the floor where they looked to be a perfect fit.

My Uncle recovering from knee surgery,and limping with a cane instead of a pitching wedge in his hand, my mother her sciatica issues under temporary control, my aunt smiling and giggling, and me admittedly feeling old before my time. we seemed to blend right in and enjoyed a fine Burger and homemade fries ( really potato chips) The beer was cold and so was our little corner, none the less we enjoyed one anothers company and as good a meal as you will find in a tavern/barbershop!

I stumbled upon the barbers chair on my way to the men’s room. And was told that ” only on Thursdays was the barber available”. I began to believe the young gal who was doing a great job both cooking/bar-tending/chatting with everyone, likely gave a hell of a haircut too !

As the remnants of our meal was cleared and replaced by more drinks, the mix master/Karaoke man was warming up and ready to rock!( I could see him also doubling as the barber on any given Thursday). I watched the smiles on the patrons faces as well as our group as my uncle requested a Tune ” Not as good as I once was, but as good once as I ever was” ! and it were dedicated by the barber/mix master to the “fiddlestix folks”… paying homage to the upscale villa community where my relatives reside.

much to my surprise the barber/karaoke king had a hell of a voice and sang it as well as that tune can be crooned. We hung around for my mothers request of ” god it’s Hard to be humble”, laughing and singing along as we finished our last drinks. We settled up and headed for the door.

As my uncle cleared the pool table with his cane, the ladies put on their coats at the entrance way . a debate ensued as my aunt termed the small entrance/ foyer a “vestibule”. ( i still haven’t gotten around to looking up the exact definition or distinction) I opened the door on the cold night air. I quickly came to the conclusion that anyplace that served burgers and fun like Liz’s did,and where a guy could get a haircut on thursdays, could damn well have a vestibule instead of an entrance foyer!

As we limped waddled and otherwise made our way to my car, I looked at the three people I spent this time with, and realized ” I had found the hidden treasures in the Vestibule”.


~ by onthedarkside on March 20, 2009.

7 Responses to “The Hidden Treasure in the Vestibule.”

  1. Another EXCELLENT story. I never knew Liz’s had haircut Thursdays! Good to know

  2. Kev, I loved “The Hidden treasure in the Vestibule.” Very well written. You captured the moment like a photograph. Consider submitting this to St.Louis Magazine…

  3. Julie and Rick,
    Thanks for the kind words. glad someone enjoys my often strange viewpoint. No kidding the place is a hoot. we should all go together sometime and party with the folks. many lessons and great stories to be learned from them as well! which was the true meaning of my story. time is not in our hands.

  4. I agree with Rick, submit. Mom and Dad have been trying to get me there for a long time, would love to go . Our parents have so many great stories to share.

  5. I love this!

  6. Loved it, Kevin! I could almost see it. I loved your words of imagery and southern accent! I understand it well…here in Texas! I love places like that! We need more of them!

  7. Kev, the pics are great! Julie’s right, we gotta go there.

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