The New Economic Stimulus Dictionary… How Did We Get Here?

Worn out Republicans can only Watch in Horror!

Worn out Republicans can only Watch in Horror!

Barney Plays "PattyCake & Footsie" As Rome burns!dictionary
Barney Plays “Patty Cake & Footsie” As Rome burns!

 Barney Frank.This is a quote, from 2003, that the Massachusetts Democrat would like to have back: “These two entities—Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac—are not facing any kind of financial crisis. The more people exaggerate these problems, the more pressure there is on these companies, the less we will see in terms of affordable housing.” Turns out that the two government-sponsored entities were walking farther and farther out onto thin financial ice. And as late as last year, Frank wanted Fannie and Freddie to take on even more subprime risk. Washington and Wall Street have to share the blame for the financial crisis.

Quotes like these from The ” Honorable” Barney Frank D-Mass , Should further the call for term limits for career politicians in my opinion. ” Is this not the Fox (not to be confused with “Foxy”lol.) watching the Hen-house?

Every American needs to pay careful attention and watch the near term future actions of our elected representatives with an eagle eye. Politicians seem to have short memories and even shorter attention spans when it comes to carrying out  the business of the country?  It would seem that all politicians consider a winning vote a Ca rte Blanche for their behaviors and not the Cry for change the voters intended on election day.

I think it is therefore critical that we continue to understand their Lingo and give it ” Main Street ”  definition. and so the need for The New Stimulus Dictionary is clear! But to understand the future is to understand the past and the “Buzz Words “and definitions that led us to the current crisis?

An economy that counts on constant growth defies Newtons Principal (what goes up must come down) therefore we  invented temporary fixes to continue growth of our economy and the resulting Buzz words and Catch phrases to explain them! The late 70’s and 80’s brought us these gems of creativity.

In today’s segment I offer you the following. do these sound familiar?

“unprecedented growth” and “corporate profits”. ..When wall street began to forget about main street. the manipulation of stock prices through any means necessary to drive growth.

” Outsourcing”….. the lowering of manufacturing costs by subtraction of the American workforce. Drove corporate profits on earnings, and your neighbors job right to Mexico or a third world country with no pesky environmental or basic workers rights. profits soared! it also led to the following buzz word being invented as an explanation of  loss of jobs and American manufacturing capabilities.

” Downsizing”……. the act of closing shop on the American workforce and manufacture of goods in order to maximize corporate profits and drive stock growth. to be used in conjunction with the words future opportunities to explain the short sale. its correct use is as follows and spoken by the heads of PR as such…..” We are downsizing our US workforce to position ourselves for future opportunities and growth”.

food for thought?



~ by onthedarkside on March 22, 2009.

One Response to “The New Economic Stimulus Dictionary… How Did We Get Here?”

  1. Just a quick note to Robert and Anthony who left comments I wont bother posting here. I will clarify for you several items since you obviously do not have the mental capacity to think for yourselves. Your vulger comments and inability to speak ” Main street” leads me to think you two ditto heads need to read a book and turn off Rush for awhile.
    That said… In no perticular order here are my responses.

    1. I am not a Liberal, Not a Democrat, and not a Republican, I am an American. I speak my mind as that is the foundation of being an American. I Vote therfore i have the right to speak. dont like my opinion? BITE ME.
    I respect your right to have an opinion and voice it. Even though it is WRONG.
    2. A Career politician regardless of party is dedicated to one thing…RE Election! I believe in term limits!
    3. I am not a communist nor am I a socialist. I believe in a free market capitalist economy. I just believe in civic responsibility and supporting American jobs. And in a strange twist of fate, if we in an industry lag behind or offer failed products, I will buy a superior forgien import! Ask GM….! Hello Volvo.

    Any further questions? And if you leave out the vulgarities i will post your comments everytime.
    Have a Peachy Day Guys.

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