Independence Day

A statistician made a few calculations and discovered that since the birth of our nation more lives had been lost in celebrating independence than in winning it.  ~Curtis Billings

They appear as quickly and as plentiful as Dandelions in an unkept lawn. Each year shortly before Memorial Day they begin to  crop up on vacant lot’s and occupy every corner of available real estate.

They depart just as quickly as Dandelions, leaving behind their seed’s to assure next years crop of noxious chaos continues. great debates about their lawful use and sale seems to perplex Communities and lawmakers throughout the country.

I find humor in the way this Issue is embraced by my Hometown as well as the county of  St.Charles Missouri.  Most communities treat the sale and use of Fireworks like Prostitution or the war on Drugs. It exsists, It just seems easier to not discuss it as they collect the tax revenues. I guess those revenues exceed the expenditure in Police and emergency service related costs or they would be banned ? As a result most municipalities cope with the problems and collect  the taxes quietly.

St Charles County Missouri  on the other hand , Revels in the Fireworks Industry and rakes in the revenues with open arms. They long ago sold their souls to Firworks. They seem to grapple harder over issues like zoning and economic development. A county learning to cope with it’s new found popularity and growth, and seeking an Identity that runs counter culture to fireworks .Trying to transofrm from Redneck Roots to Urban Serengheti.  A Contridiction in Terms.

To Best explain and  understand this contridiction , I return to a joke my couisn Doug Campbell shares about St Charles County and It’s Redneck reputation.

” Yes The  St Charles Courthouse, A guy can get Married on the Second floor and go right downstairs to file a restraining order against his new Bride.”I have few doubts that at some point in history this event likely occured !

Further contridiction can be found in the fireworks laws adopted by the County. While it is Legal to both Sell and Purchase Fireworks in Our fair County, the use of Fireworks in the County is strictly prohibited.

the same kind of common sense lawmaking that we use for the death penalty in Missouri. ” We Kill People who Kill people, to show them that Killing is Wrong.”

Should you happen to visit between Memorial day and July 5th , you would be hard pressed to distinguish St Charles County from a night in Baghdad . Seems Shooting fireworks is in the Blood or encouraged.neck firework A right of Passage shared by the “Bubbas” and their offspring. Yep Our own little Version of ” Shock and Awe” is played out nightly.

Cat’s and Dog’s are soothed with valium, as Their owners are medicated with Budweiser and assorted Spirits.

I dont think this is what John Hancock  & The Continental Congress had in mind when they declared our Independence.

Hopefully one and all will take a few moments and remeber the Patriots of Past and Present who fought for our freedom. These are unsettling times in our country.

Perhaps like St. Charles County, the Country too shall  find it’s Identity again.

Meanwhile I wish everyone a Happy 4th of July ! Stay low and stay safe.


~ by onthedarkside on July 3, 2009.

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