Paint The Sky

paint my own sky

“The mind is its own place and in itself, can make heaven of hell, and a hell of heaven.”

 my friends they tell me to seek a changing sky. I now know to reject that thought, let me tell you why.

 We see things so differently although we both have eyes. Perhaps our views are similar when we see the sky?

I have no way to reach you neither phone nor fax nor text. I suffer silently knowing that for now it’s best. So I use this medium  they call the internet, bounce it off a satellite and send it off through space. I hope it morphs like a cloud  and spreads across the Sky, and among all things in the universe perhaps it catches your eye.

Please consider it and hear my message as it Paints the Sky.

The letters I have written and yet have never sent, sit collecting dust but hold great meaning none the less. My only way to  to communicate, I tried I did my best.

The messages I send to you pray for you each day, I tell you that I love you, and  all will be ok.

We shared so much together so many happy times. your dad was always proud of you and how you made me smile. The songs you sang each day still linger in my head.

you have shown me the meaning of courage and the value of each day. many words go unspoken and plans we made , now must rest.

I will remember you always and will never forget. when a word is spoken, or when a bird fly’s by. Or  music that is drifting carrying your song. So many little things , perhaps a twinkle in an eye.

 you have touched so many in so few years on earth. your time among us mortals still remains  unclear. Heaven is now calling, and so we do our best to understand. there is a greater plan not yet shared with man.

I love you Abby. In me you will live on. I will write my  stories and think of your songs.

I  wake each morning looking to heaven,  please God I pray, let there be understanding and peace before she goes away. My words go unheard and echo in the sky . every time I look up I will watch for your reply.

I know the only place I will find it is  Painted in the Sky.


~ by onthedarkside on July 30, 2009.

4 Responses to “Paint The Sky”

  1. Kevin it’s beautiful. She will know….
    We are here for you.

  2. Kev, I still can’t find the words to express my sadness upon seeing the caring bridge update. The relationship of our hearts and the things that touch it; good and bad, is a complex phenomenon. One day it can be broken, yet it heals just enough so that it can accept another blindsight. The positive thing is that over time it can completely heal itself. Love, Your brother, Rick

  3. I just read this and didn’t know. I’m so sorry. She is forever your heart.

  4. You’ll have to see the northern lights one cear and cold night. Maybe you already have? Re-reading this I can feel them again.

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