For a Dear Friend



I have a Dear Friend named Michele, with all  the Beauty and Grace of a fine Southern Belle.

While this is how the world it may see her, I love to dig deeper, for it is there her real beauty does dwell.

She has smarts and she’s witty, it Rivals her “Pretty”. Within a great person as well.

She is perceptive and caring, observant and daring, as she takes on the world on her own.

She will take some chances ,with those of all classes, making things better for all.

She changes the patterns of reckless abandon with guidance and wisdom for the small, she quietly molds her own baby. I watch and am amazed by it all.

While a tad  bit eccentric with her Cigars and Forensics’… a pearl it hides in the shell.

And on those occasions,  when her hair it is braided, I observe the child escape from that shell. A wonderful sight when her heart is so light ! She smiles and she laughs,  she chides and she chats. Chasing bugs with a net, All with a child and a Terrier in tow.

A poem is free flowing  like life, no one knows where it is going, and so is the moral of this tale. I end it by saying it has been my great pleasure to have met her. I look forward to our chats every day.


“Beauty is not democratic; she reveals herself more to the few than to the many…” C.S. Lewis


~ by onthedarkside on September 13, 2009.

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