National Health Care or Instant Gratification ?

instantgratificationThe Debate rages on. Pick a media outlet and you are likely to hear opinions, rumors, & lie’s involving the Issue of ” the Obama health care plan”. Plenty of them.

Republicans blame the Democrats,the Democrats blame the Republicans,and the Status quo continues. Meanwhile throughout the country the need for sane and rational care for the population is at an all time peak.  Partly due to the aftermath of the economic mess our elected representatives allowed to occur.

There in lie’s the problem itself. Our “elected representatives “. they do not seem to understand the mandate of change that most  people I talk with expressed over the recent elections. Most seemed to want change for change sake alone, and an end to the status quo of government. I believe it had little to  do with the political parties, and everything to do with Voter apathy and frustration. You would think our politicians would take notice.

We Americans are an instant gratification society. We want 1 hour dry cleaning,  overnight delivery, Instant approval, and fast food.

Why then are we so willing to tolerate the inept goverment and political parties ? We sit by and wait for the congress and senate to hash out a compromise on health care reform.

We are sold our elected representatives the same way they sell us Car’s, clothing and housing. Marketing . Now we have been sold ownership in the auto industry as well.

Marketing and money are what this is all about. I find it hard to believe my senators and congressmen are worried about my health care plan, at least they have given me little reason to believe so.

They are busy with the work of marketing, collecting donations from the very insurance companies and pharmecutical companies we now expect them to reform ? The special interest groups and PAC’S are lined up . 

 After all there is that pesky reelection campaign to finance and run.

Frankly we as voters would be best served to require all elected representatives wear NASCAR style jumpsuits . Then we would at least know the real score and whom our elected officials truly repreasent. Yes I believe they should be required to Proudly display the logo of the company that brings us Viagra , while debating the funding or regulation of ED treatment in congress.  At the least that would  help the uninformed voter see who is about to put it to them ? surely this is being debated as we speak as they seem to be “dicking around” as opposed to finding a bipartisan solution to health care reform.

Instead they have switched the marketing machine on to distract us from the truth and the issues involved in this undertaking. throughout the country we see angry voters at Town hall meetings nearly coming to blows or carrying firearms. throughout the land “Tea Parties” are being held.  They still dont get it. Instead more finger pointing and Lie’s.

They have people so worried about ” alien abortions and  death panels” taking away ET and Grandma, that we fail to ask the question why they can not work together to find solutions. The average voter gets his information in 60 second sound bites, and the politicians are exploiting it to advance their respective parties and agenda’s.

Get involved , use to verify truth from your politicians. follow up by writing , e-mailing , calling. Let them know we dont want a National healthcare bill that is either Instant gratification ie: rushed through congress on Emotion as they attempted to exploit Sen Kennedy’s death to do. Nor do we want Status quo. Somewhere between lies reform that we can all live with. We as Americans have too much at stake both financially and as a society for Politics as usual.

“Politics is supposed to be the second oldest profession.  I have come to realize that it bears a very close resemblance to the first.” – Ronald Reagan


~ by onthedarkside on September 14, 2009.

3 Responses to “National Health Care or Instant Gratification ?”

  1. Well spoken, worded. Nothing to add. You speak for many…

  2. Well said Kevin. Meanwhile another government run program, Social Security is going broke. The borders are still wide open and we are wondering why costs are escalating. This adminsitration is detrmined to have a public option on health care. Chuck Scumer just added an amendment to the current bill they are trying to pass that calls for the option.

    When are the leaders going to take a look at the job situation and do something about creating new ones? Scary……….it does not seem to merit any attention form anyone, including the one-sided media.

  3. Gary, agreed on most points. It would seem once either party is elected, they consider it a grab for the cash and a means by which to further not only the party agenda but their own as well. Service to country and fellow man is only a campaign slogan to be pulled out every election.
    While we have the best system in the world, and I love this country. Change in the way we do business seems in order.

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