A poem    

Life is a dance through flowers and plants, adventure and mysteries abound.

She takes it all in while sporting a grin, even when clouds fill the sky.

Her attention does sputter when her mind is aflutter, there is so much to be done and said.

 Bright and so pretty, smart and deliberate. You can see her grow and grasp more each day.

 she is sweet and yet strong.  inviting you along for adventures she takes everyday.

 With a sense of justice and morals for a compass, she navigates life’s lessons and plays.

In  Aubrey’s eyes one can gaze to the skies. where the future holds promise and hope.


~ by onthedarkside on October 28, 2009.

4 Responses to “Aubrey”

  1. Nice Kevin………you and your daughter are in our thoughts and prayers……..GOD BLESS!


  2. Gary thank you. Aubrey is not my daughter, but the daughter of a close friend. She is a special kid for certain. Her eyes twinkle and she is just full of life.

    Abby passed away in august of this year. and I miss her greatly. thank you for your kind words.

  3. Beautiful, Kevin. I love the rhyme and the rhythm. Just beautiful!

  4. Thank you Cris. I take it as a real compliment from a poet such as yourself.

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