Take Responsibility

terri bullshit

I am growing bored with the nonsense and the absolute Bullshit that surfaces when  people seek a scapegoat for their own Indiscretions and Faults.

Personal Responsibility, Morals and Ethics have been replaced by finger pointing and whining. It’s everywhere these days. From the moron at the local drive through restaurant, people I thought I once knew and used to have respect for. Shoot even the Congress of the United States gets a pass.

 Our politicians, clergy, and media have created an environment where responsibility is devalued and finger pointing or placing blame on the opposition political party, the devil, or whatever the nearest scapegoat may be, Is  not only accepted but encouraged. In the case of the media is not only accepted behavior, But has become the norm on a daily basis.

 It is no wonder the country, marriage, and a double cheeseburger are so screwed up.

Responsibility for ones actions and an admission of wrong is not so difficult is it? Stop pointing fingers and making up lies to fit the crime. own it !

 Maybe I can start a trend here, Let me be the first to admit that in my life, I have royally screwed up many things. In hindsight I can see how I was responsible, and played a role for failed business deals, failed marriages, lost friendships, and even a double cheeseburger or two. I admit it, always have. And I will likely make many more monumental mistakes if by the grace of god my time on earth is extended.

 However I have always paid the price of my failures and admitted them.

 Why then should others not do the same? I refuse to accept half truths, finger pointing and outright lies. Step up take responsibility for yourself and your actions! If you make an agreement or a calculated gamble and it fails, OWN IT. Don’t whine about it and blame others.

 So just a heads up, if you are a Bernie Madoff, a failed mortgage broker, a sex offender priest, or an Adulterer Liar. Don’t whine to me about the bad deal you received. Frankly I don’t want to hear it.

And now Chuck…. “About that Cheeseburger”……………………


~ by onthedarkside on October 30, 2009.

One Response to “Take Responsibility”

  1. How can you screw up a double cheeseburger? (Unless there are onions on it, I guess.)

    As for the rest,… ‘amen’ to that!


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