The Pond

The Pond, Born as a compromise between City Bureaucrats and Developers. It’s intent nothing more than a method to control rainwater. The little body of water set’s as a daily reminder of Natures ability to adapt and over come man’s meddling and control. Man’s insistence that nature become one with urban living. They build a pond and erect a fence to protect nature from man, or man from nature.

Three years removed from bulldozers shaping the banks of clay and betonite. A method of mans control over soil and water. The red clay banks now covered in vegetation, a combination of mans hydro seeded wild flowers, and nature’s stubborn insistence that thistle and plantain occupy bare earth.

As it matured small signs of life began to emerge. A ripple in the water caused by an insect, soon gave way to ripples caused by small crappie and bluegill.

 As the Mud and erosion from construction ceased the waterfowl slowly began to visit. 

The Birds, like the residents, stop at the pond as a respite along the flyway. Some going elsewhere. And some going nowhere exactly like the residents.

  A few Mallards seem to have taken up permanent residence as the young ecosystem of the pond produced the plant and the fish life to support them. One particularly vocal duck has become as much a part of the community as the people. “Bitchin Duck” often signals the beginning and the end of each day’s life on the pond. An awkward comfort can be found in its cackle.

Great Blue Heron and the Egrets, fly in from the nearby Missouri River to provide beauty and diversity. Fall brings a visit from the Geese a stop on their journey elsewhere.

On a moonlit night it is easy to spot the muskrats as they leave a wake resembling the Loch ness monster. they work furiously to destroy the man made dam. Another example, of nature fighting man. I am betting on the Muskrats.

 The asphalt path circling the pond invites children and the occasional walker. Much like the pond, the life surrounding it slowly began to develop. The pond became a fabric of social life and civility between residents. Certainly an unintended byproduct of the retention of rainfall. Even the most surly resident has a kind “good morning” or “some weather” nicety within them. Nature soothes the savage beast in mankind.

Falls last grasp leaves the remnants of the wildflower crop for the few remaining birds and insects. The fog on the water in the early morning a reminder the warm pleasant days in the season are numbered. The coffee on the deck and barbeques filed as memories of summer past. To be taken out and recalled as fondly as the friends and family they were shared with.

 Winters ice and deep freeze will leave me watching and praying for an early spring. Another season and another year.  Like my life, I enjoy its simple pleasures.


~ by onthedarkside on November 20, 2009.

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