Think of me fondly when we’ve said good-bye

The Blue Collar, Middle Class American Male. I remember when it was a designation for a hard working, god fearing, Family man. Seems all indicators now point to endangered species as a more fitting moniker.

Here in the Heartland the local news reports bring us news of Plant closings, layoff’s and other acronyms for the demise of the Middle class and the Blue collar man.

National news shrouds the same story with daily reports of the latest economic indicators, using phrases like jobless claims rise for the 5th consecutive quarter, the nations unemployment level hovers at 10%., and housing starts drop as foreclosures rise.

Meanwhile the hidden truth is Mr. Jones who worked at Ford or General motors lost his job last month. And as a result, this week his home. Millions of Americans out of work and with each day the blue collar fabric of our society diminishes.

Why is this occuring? We are now part of the Global economy; we were told and sold on retraining the workforce for the multitude of new high tech job’s it would surely create. Where then are the new high tech jobs?  In India, or Mexico. Perhaps China where our manufacturing capabilities went? We have quietly become a service economy, a country of Haves and Have nots.

 Just this week the mayor of St Louis held a press conference to announce our fair city is in the running to become the Central air hub and distribution facility for….. China’s Imports!  Terrific job of economic development! We couldn’t even get a few more American owned Wal-Mart greeter jobs?  Pathetic!

At issue are not just jobs, but lives and families. The blue collar guy or gal who coached your child’s baseball, or basketball teams. Remember the good Neighbor who helped when your car broke down, the people who built the country, and whose taxes fueled the economy.

I fear for the working men and women of this country. Life was difficult enough and required a two income household to raise a family. Now even that way of life and dream seems shattered.

I guess I will run down to Wal-Mart and see if Bob can look at my car when he gets finished with his 3rd part time job.

 “The simple man baby, pays the thrills, the bills,& the pills that kill”  Aint that America home of the free, little Pink houses for you and me”  Pink Houses ~John Mellencamp~ .

© onthedarkside jkdark 2009


~ by onthedarkside on December 9, 2009.

3 Responses to “Think of me fondly when we’ve said good-bye”

  1. Could not agree more, well said!

  2. So true! I’ve only dreamt of being an “at home mom” with my large family and all, but that will never happen. I will work until I’m weary, old(der), and drained. What an American dream,huh!

  3. “Hey brother, can you spare a dime?” Nice piece Kev.

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