For My Valentine…..

When your thoughts are sorted and life is fair. I will pull you close, I want to be be there.

When a higher power reveals its plan, I long to walk with you and hold your hand.

When the Sun shines in our Sky, and we savor each day, simple beauties will come our way.

When the day grows long and the night grows Dark. When you need a friend, or a lovers spark.

When there are Stars in our Sky, and when our hearts beat as one. I will love you as we watch the Dawn.

 When all of these things are said and done, we will have laughter and we will have fun.

When the years have caused irreparable harm, when your hair is grey and mine is gone.

When time has passed if our memories are still strong, We share a life, and a mental bond.

Mostly my dear I hope that you see. You were the Valentine meant just for me.

 Happy Valentines Day Baby.



~ by onthedarkside on February 14, 2010.

One Response to “For My Valentine…..”

  1. A very sweet VD poem…good job!

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