Reunion At The Golden Moon

The Sounds fill the sky, while the yellow pollen covers everything this early spring day.

The city alive with the movement of people freed from a winter cooped up in their lofts and apartments. They now compete for sidewalk space with bicycles and dog walkers.

A stream of buses and automobiles lurch along the crowded streets emitting the noxious fumes of diesel and oil.

Laughter and the sound of horns from the vehicles compete with the spoken word for a spot in the city air.

Couples walk hand in hand, dodging the patrons frequenting the bookstores and boutiques that line the city streets.

Pretty Girls in spring hats saunter in and out of the shops mesmerized by the window displays.

A child loses the helium balloon mom bought to stifle her cry, mom looks on in desperation as the tears begin again. The balloon rising among the tall buildings and drifting in the wind.

Newspapers and empty Starbucks cups litter the park bench at the bus stop.

At the corner of Chance and Fate, set’s the Golden Moon.

He is the first to arrive, his eyes full of excitement. A small tip lands a table on the street patio near the corner. From this vantage point he can watch for her arrival and does so with great anticipation.

The carnival of city life plays out before him as the spring sun warms his face.

She arrives as though coming through a time portal. She appears before him now.

Just a whisp of her Beautiful blonde hair, whipping in the light spring air this April day.

 They lock eyes. Order drinks and enjoy a reunion of their own as the restaurant fills around them. Idle chat replaced by the touch of his hand on hers.

Dishes clang and clatter as the tables are bussed and prepared for the next guests.

Frantic sounds from the kitchen drift through the double swinging doors as orders get delivered by the waitress to the tables.

The smell of ethnic dishes mix with the fragrant rose bush. This somehow manages to grow in the brick courtyard, next to the restaurants patio.

He smells only her perfume. And perhaps the scent of botanicals, from her hair.

The couple hears only the beat of two hearts that day at the Golden Moon Café.



~ by onthedarkside on February 19, 2010.

One Response to “Reunion At The Golden Moon”

  1. Kev, great piece. Consider it for the NPR competition…

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