Dream Travel


The Plane lifted off the ground and banked right. The weight on the man’s shoulders seemed to follow suit.

A glance out the window revealed the wintry sky and the cold city struggling to come to life this early winter morning. Street lights and the stray kitchen light blinking in the blue collar suburbs surrounding the airport illuminated the dirty snow in the predawn hours. He thought of her.

The flight was consumed with the thoughts of what was to be, and not what were to be left behind now. A balancing act he never quite managed to grasp, and yet he constantly pursued. He pondered the amusement of hurtling through the air at breakneck speeds, and relying on the seat cushion to save his ass in the event of a water landing. He thought of her.

Two hours and fifty minutes and a world away, the plane touched down.

He retrieved his bag & golf clubs from the carousel and found his rental car counter.

Leaving the terminal the heat rushes to greet you. It permeates the lungs and the exposed skin. Pure heaven he thought as he loaded his bags in the rental.

Exactly what the Dr. ordered. He fired up a Marlboro despite the No Fumar signs and breathed deeply. Few rules apply chasing dreams.

Seven minutes later he was on the interstate heading south for the causeway. Palm trees swayed in the hot breeze, irrigation systems watered orange groves and lawns.

The CD player cranking his own music mix and the top down and air conditioner on full blast, he caught sight of the gulf of Mexico and the long causeway leading to his island and all was right in his world for the moment. He thought of her.

The water glistened a deep blue in the morning light. Traffic was non existent, save for the few surf fishermen to the right of the causeway. Pelicans and a stray heron cackled above. The sight alone was a gift this day.

He marveled at the engineering feat the causeway were, but pondered the seclusion and beauty that surely existed prior to developers moving in to profit from natures beautiful work. His thoughts drifted to her.

The little shops neatly tucked back off of the main drag were pre tourist quiet this morning. He found the cleverly disguised strip mall and the realtor/vultures office. He grossly and gladly overpaid for his condo. 

Detoured only by a quick stop at the only grocery store on the island, he loaded up on the necessities, including bags of fruit as well as gulf shrimp the size of silver dollars. He thought of her.

 Nothing more than a nice grass hut on stilts he thought as he laughed. But it met his needs fine. A small private pool, a screen porch, and a grill. Most importantly it sat 20 feet from the beach and the waters of the Gulf. He thought of her.

He made his way in to trunks and a t-shirt. And found the beach in minutes. The sight of the sun baking on the beautiful white sand, and the surf exposing shell after shell a prescription no Dr could write.

Walking the beach was therapy as was the evening sunset at the beach bar overlooking the gulf. He mingled with the crowd and enjoyed a light dinner. The sunsets, like the simple fare were perfect. He thought of her.

He walked back down the beach to return to the stilt hut. Tired from the combination of sun on his northern exposures and the travel that day he showered and stretched out on the bed.

The air conditioner humming a sleep tune as he thought of his morning tee time.Another chance to chase a golf ball with the added excitement of dodging sunning gators Who make their way on to the plush fairways. He lies awake for a few moments and his thoughts drifted to her. His thoughts always drifted to her. Thoughts gave way to dreams.

In the predawn hours he awoke to the clock radio alarm. “ good morning it is a brisk 12 degrees in Buffalo with wind chills of 17 below, a winter storm advisory with lake effect snow predicted, a total of 12 to 18 inches “. The disc jockeys perky morning drive time voice seemed to screech.

 He reached for the snooze button and drifted back off to a dream. This time San Francisco… He thought of her…… He always thought of her.

© JK Dark onthedarkside.wordpress.com


~ by onthedarkside on March 3, 2010.

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