Children of the Corn Who Find Jesus

 What does happiness mean to you? At 49 years old I was faced with this fundamental question. It was a time of great sadness in my personal life. I was shocked I had no answer for my own query.

 Uncertain of everything I once believed in and strived for in life. While I had no answer as to what made me truly happy, I was an absolute professional at identifying the things that truly did not. I could rattle off at will, a long lengthy list of irritants and false assumptions I had made in the pursuit of what I believed happiness to be.

Definition even seems to leave one with more questions than answers.

Definitions of happiness on the Web:

Happiness is a state of mind or feeling characterized by contentment, love, satisfaction, pleasure, or joy. A variety of philosophical, religious, psychological and biological approaches have striven to define happiness and identify its sources.

 Happiness… Is Not a Fish That You Can Catch is the title of Canadian alternative rock band Our Lady Peace’s third studio album. It was released on September 21, 1999 by Columbia Records. It peaked at #2 on the Canadian Albums Chart. ……

Happiness is a 1924 silent comedy film directed by King Vidor.

 The reality is happiness is a very personal interpretation. Its true meaning is as varied as the human beings in search of it.

 This question was brought front and center again today when I observed a pair of well dressed young people on bicycles and wearing backpacks.

They were both blond headed and blue eyed. They smiled and seemingly possessed an inner peace. They seemed overjoyed to share their god with my neighborhood.

In a kind of “Children of the Corn find Jesus”, kind of eerie way. And it dawned on me it really doesn’t matter, as long as one finds their own definition.

I came to the conclusion that for me it was no one single thing, more a compilation of little things that make up my happiness.

I am curious, what does happiness mean to you, what is your definition?

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~ by onthedarkside on March 21, 2010.

2 Responses to “Children of the Corn Who Find Jesus”

  1. Well, I wasn’t so smart and this is my second attempt at a post. Not too happy. Long and sort of it is I’ve been trying to define what “happy” is for me. Books, counselors and friends have told me that people can choose to be happy. Sound like choosing what to wear to work on Monday. Don’t think that’s it. I agree with you John. Happiness is a singulary thing defined by the person at the time. If I’m paying attention I bump into things in my life that are happy. Most of the time I’m thinking too hard about it. I’m figuring out that for me I shouldn’t think so hard about what happiness is. I should just look for the joy in each moment and happy follows. It sneaks up on me.

  2. It’s true that you need to make your own happiness and that happiness means many things to different people. But beware the happiness of the pathological kind. Not just sadistic or mean-spirited happiness (which does exist) but those pleasures that are indulgent or uncaring. I miser can be happy with himself, but is he happy (This is the real lesson of Dickens’ Christmas Carol).

    Happy to me is really about objective contentment, a balance between ambition and satisfaction. I may not have everything in the world, or even everything that I need to lead a pleasurable life, but I can still be happy. On the other hand, I can be miserable even though I have everything because on balance, I don’t have those intangibles that I’ve defined as important to me and those around me. For me it is health, home, some comforts, and a few challenges.

    Nice write. Thanks.

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