Sunshine & Rain

This is the story of Sunshine and Rain. Two women, who set off the world theirs to tame.

Sunshine was bright she provided the plan; Rain came along, and ruined the Man. 

From Midwestern roots the gal’s they emerged. Soon the country would watch their scourge.

Their legend it grew throughout all the land. While everyone knew crime didn’t pay, these two made it an adventure everyday.

The headlines and papers told of their deeds. Wanted posters, and a bounty hunter now fresh on their heels.

Their crimes were of fashion and bad taste in men. The search for passion did them in.

 A Tummy Tuck & Cleavage enhanced their looks; both would have been better served reading a book.

Excitement and thrills are what they sought, vitamin B-12 shots and Martini’s are what they got.

So all you young ladies so polished and fresh, consider this a lesson and from them take heed.

A serious lady pursues a career; looks and fashion fade by the year. Stay in your school and work at your craft. Hone your skills and care for yourself. Those dangerous young men are only a dream.

 ©JK Dark onthedarkside 2010


~ by onthedarkside on April 29, 2010.

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