The White Death

In the corner booth at Sol’s delicatessen, both men spoke in hushed tones as to not encourage the chance of eavesdroppers.
This same scenario had played out hundreds of times over the last few years, the meetings becoming more frequent as the news and proof began to mount. Neither could now deny the exsistence of it any longer, nor pass it off as mere coincidence. The Death toll climbed daily.

Dr Richard Hellmann and Dr William Whip were both accomplished and considered at the top of their respective specialties. Dr. Hellmann an Internist. And Dr. Whip an esteemed Toxicologist, some called him “miracle”. Fate and a common interest had thrown these men together to research and document this perceived plague. going on 25 years now.
They shared the horror. And they shared knowledge of a combination of ingredients so lethal, that every man woman, child or animal that came in contact with them, did or would, surely perish. The mere thought of this man made Armageddon made both men wretch.

Unable to gain acceptance for their theories in the medical community. And the recipients of ridicule from their peers, in the early years of their research, the men had been meeting twice a week on their own, at the deli for lunch and further discussions on what they now knew were a worldwide epidemic.

Their early research clearly traced the origins of the devilish ingredient combination
the Battle of Argues in 1589. It may then have been christened in ‘honor’ of Charles de Lorraine, duc de Mayenne (1554-1611), supposedly because he took the time to finish his meal of chicken with cold sauce before being defeated in battle by Henri IV (1553-1610).. The first known death following exposure to the substance.
This horrid substance an emulsion, consisting of oil, egg, vinegar, and spices.

Despite proof that all who came in contact or consumed this substance perished, and despite knowing more deaths have been traced to it than the holocaust, the atomic bomb, and every plague or epidemic known to science combined. The Dr’s knew it could not be stopped.
Certainly more lethal than Anthrax. The substance came to be called “White Death” in their conversations.

While its manufacture and use were already widespread and ingrained in societies worldwide, the two colleagues watched in horror over the years as its manufacture and consumption quadrupled.

They came to the conclusion that they could only watch in horror. The only cure abstinence. So they shared these luncheons to commiserate and help those who sought them out. It seemed people enjoyed the ingestion of the White death. Their help seemingly never inquired about. Unable to save mankind from itself.

Having completed their discussions regarding the latest production/consumption figures, both men decided to order their lunch.

They approached the Deli counter and placed their orders, looking on in horror as Sol a trusted friend of 25 years Attempted to unknowingly kill the Esteemed Dr. Hellmann.

As much reaction as thought, in an attempt to save his friend Dr. Whip screamed out “ Sol Damn it man I have told you a million times HOLD THE MAYO “ !

© JK Dark


~ by onthedarkside on May 2, 2010.

2 Responses to “The White Death”

  1. I Love’s about time someone told the truth about mayo!
    I knew all along that it would kill you!
    Excellent story Kev!!

  2. Julie, written in your honor. We share a secret known to few . sadly the white death spreads (no pun intended) throughout the land. And all we can do is sit by and watch. how many more will have violent illness heaped upon them unknowingly? the thought of summer picnic season, family cookouts where millions ingest this awful creation is a reality i could no longer bare keeping quiet about. If this story enlightens one person, then i know it will have been worthwhile.

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