The Decade of The Good Men

2010 The Decade of The Good Men. Why not? We certainly didn’t help our case in the previous one.

According to the good folks at Pew Research Center (apropos) after a measurement of various criteria they declared 2000-2010 the Worst Decade in 50 years.

Most of us did not require an in depth study to come to that conclusion. Beginning with the false predictions of Y2K and culminating with the worst economic disaster since the Great Depression. It truly was a terrible decade.

 Somewhere in between we managed to find time to enter two wars, watch the demise of Saddam Hussein, followed by the demise of George W. Bush. We then elected our nations first African American president and commenced blaming him for the mess. He inherited an inflated economy, a mortgage and banking system that was as inflated and ready to burst as an old patched bicycle inner tube. Though history may show he created one of his own. We bailed out banks, automakers, and financial institutions like a bad relative from jail. Stimulus went from a term Masters & Johnson used to describe sexual arousal to the term given to the Viagra of the nation’s economy.

 We have found our “realities” seem better on a cable show than in real life.

Technology in the decade brought us the widespread use of text messaging, cheap cell phone plans, and high speed internet. We witnessed the advent of ending romance via text, virtual sex with amazing download speeds, and social networking via Facebook, Myspace and later, for the short attention span… Twitter. We created the first internet stalking lawsuit as adults soon tormented children on the social networks.

Blackberrys and palm pilots replaced conversation as the most likely communication form witnessed in Starbucks or other coffee shops. A new language was invented in order to fit our text & Tweeting lifestyles. LOL, LMAO and smiley icons replaced laughter and human emotion.

We witnessed the ugliness of mankind as our government officials debated and crafted the nation’s new health care plan.  We bought American drugs cheaper from Canadian pharmacies. It became easier to achieve an erection via mail than to renew your license at the local DMV. E-mail has all but eliminated the need for the USPS.

 In the last decade at various times we have been circumsized, our actions polarized, ostrasized,terrorized, downsized, and left seeking both society’s expectations as well as our own as to what defines us as good men, husbands, fathers and friends.

It would seem our technological advances have not furthered our development as a society or as good men. How we fare in this decade is the thousand pound gorilla in the room.

Like our nation, the good men are drifting along trying to redefine ourselves and where we fit in this new world before us. And regardless of bravado, or our often over inflated male egos, we know it is a journey not a destination.

And most importantly regardless of era, we know it will take a number of good men to effect change.

© JK Dark


~ by onthedarkside on May 3, 2010.

2 Responses to “The Decade of The Good Men”

  1. Right on Kevin. Count yourself as one of the good men!

  2. A very good read, Kev. Really caused me to reflect on the personal and social hurdles we have had to endure with or without the skills or resources to overcome them. Wow!, I could go on for hours listing the black holes encountered in those ten years, but let there be no doubt…. there were some bright spots. Several more cute grndkids and 10 more years with the brde of my life.
    You do an excellent job of putting it to paper… keep up the good work!

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