Mi Amore Venti

When we first met I knew there was something about you, something special. Perhaps it was the warm feelings, or the way you captured my attention when you entered my life.Whatever “It” may have been, it was a wonderful experience I shall forever cherish.

Looking back, our first time was an adolescent fumbling, hidden within the sugar and sweetness; a lifelong relationship had its beginnings. I will never forget the feeling, the smell of you, how you set my body tingling the very first time.

As the years progressed you became a staple in my life. I couldn’t imagine waking to a morning without you. The few times we were apart, how I longed for your rich sweetness. I missed you more than words can express. I worked hard to assure we were never apart for long.

Admittedly there have been times I simply took you for granted. I suppose one must learn to value and appreciate what we have. While we never separated we both went through various phases. Through the years I came to see your bold, richness enhanced my life.

My experimentations at the office, they were a learning experience; I finally came to admire you for your natural beauty, your raw seductive natural beauty. I shall never believe in false or artificial substitutes again.

You warm me on cold days, perk me up when I feel tired or blue, and comfort me like no other could. And you keep me awake nights, what an enigma you are.

Sure there were some bad times, the gas station episodes, the chicory, the ice versions.

We had some miscommunications and language issues along the way certainly, “who knew in Boston regular was two sugars and cream.” or “How in Italy, the way you espresso yourself so strongly.”

Through it all, we return to find one another again and again. Thank you my hot steamy black friend. Thank you for everything, you complete me.

© JK Dark onthedarkside.wordpress.com


~ by onthedarkside on May 29, 2010.

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