Fallen Angel

Sitting here this morning and gazing in the past. The why and pain have persisted although a full year has passed. A million little thoughts of you have danced through my head. They come upon me subtly and lead me down their path. Sugar, spice and everything nice.

Maybe it’s a baseball bird, or glitter everywhere. A song I know you liked, or tangled curly hair. The pomp and circumstance of birthdays, holidays and events, I see your face beaming and remember what they meant. Little scattered papers, markers everywhere. A cup of hot chocolate, your squealing in the air.

So many memories condensed in my mind, no one knows how much they meant or how you made me smile.

Sometimes I think I see you just up ahead, I race to catch a glimpse of another child instead.

I watch people rushing through their lives, going nowhere fast. I want to tell them to slow it down make the moments last. They can not comprehend this thought; you see Abby they have not lost. I hope and pray they never do, actuaries can not calculate the cost.

For of these very things, I was guilty too.

I write these words to let you know I love you even now. I think of you and always manage to smile. For all the days of my life I will cherish my time with you.

 © J K Dark onthedarkside.wordpress.com


~ by onthedarkside on August 14, 2010.

One Response to “Fallen Angel”

  1. Beautiful tribute. Love, Rick

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