Out of The Blue & In To the Black

Yeah Cow tipping is a gas. Fuck this! Johnny remembered he muttered as he left his friends standing in the field that day. He recalled sticking his thumb out and the truck stopping. Beyond that it was a blur.

 He left Iowa and the memories there behind forever. Hadn’t looked back either, until this asshole shrink started on him with all the questions. He minded alright, he hated the probing questions designed to get him talking. Mostly he hated the fact the Shrink thought him stupid enough to fall for it. What choice did he have now? Either he talked, or he sat in the psychiatric ward watching these retards drool on themselves. If he played along maybe they release him and the tour can continue?

Talking had never gotten him anywhere before, and he sure as hell didn’t see how it was going to help his present situation either. Shit I let my music do my talking Johnny repeated to himself. Funny, the shrink wasn’t buying it. And where the Hell was his manager? Why wasn’t he bailed out of this little problem by now? There would be hell to pay he promised to anyone who would listen.

And above all else, where the hell was Sunshine? She hadn’t forsaken him too, surely not. Not after all they had been through together. Likely they were not telling him the truth. They were not letting her see him.

He heard the rattling of the cart, followed by the tumble of the lock in the door to his room. No make that his cell. Room was far too kind a word for this state run hellhole he thought. The opening of the door allowed the scream’s and sounds to drift in from the narrow hallway and adjacent cells.

“Time for your med’s Mr. Rochet”.Said the orderly, a muscular black man named Carl. He handed him two paper cups. One full of various pills, the second a liquid imitation juice to wash them down.

“Dude its Rocket”. …” Johnny Rocket”. He said correcting the man, as if it would matter.

“Ok whatever you say Rocket man”. Take them pills so I don’t get in trouble and you and I will get along fine Carl laughed. “Doctor will be in to see you shortly”. Carl left as quickly as he entered.

It was the pills that kept him from beating Carl over his condescending fucking head with the tray He laughed to himself. Bring on the doctor; perhaps he won’t be as fortunate today. He caught himself yawning as the door swung open and the doctor entered.

“Morning John,” How are you feeling today?  Dr. Dunlin asked pleasantly enough.

“Well if it isn’t Dr.Dolittle”, he smirked rolling his eyes. “Why the fuck do you care anyway?” Let me the fuck out of here and I will be doing just fine.

“I would love to John, but we need to make certain you’re not a danger to yourself and others first, ok”? He opened the chart and checked the dosage of the medications as he awaited the patients’ response.

“Look I have things to be doing, and places to be. Can we cut to the chase here Doc? Save the bullshit for the next nut on your list. I am no different than I have always been. And so far no bodies have turned up right”?

“John you don’t believe tearing up hotel rooms in a drug and alcohol induced stupor is normal behavior, now do you”? He poised his pen over the chart, awaiting a reply.

“Better to Burn out, than it is to rust Doc.” That is all part of Rock and Roll he offered.

Grandiose behavior, delusional concept of reality, these were noted in the chart.

 “John I’m curious, why do you believe that you’re entitled to behave this way”?

“There is more to the picture than meets the eye here Doc .After all I have seen the needle and the damage done. And your little pill regimen is worse”. Think about that. Now can you call my manager and get me the fuck out of here please? He can have the accounting department pay for the hotel damages. No harm done right?

“Funny you should mention him John. I spoke to your manager this morning. He said Starbucks is not responsible for damaged hotel rooms. He helped you last time, but no way could he do it again. And you lost your job”. Perhaps the court will work out a repayment plan for you”.

He closed the chart and headed for the door.” Oh John, just one more thing, It is Johnny Rotten. Rotten…. Not Rocket, Not..Rochet. The story of Johnny Rotten! You see I have been a Neil Young fan for years. And John, a word of advice., If you’re going to Rock Punk, get it right”.

Dr. Dunlin jotted in the chart.. Hey Hey, My My. Out of the blue and in to the black. He closed the door and directed Carl to up the Risperdal to 40 mg. “Afraid were Helplessly Hoping with this one Carl.”

 ©J.K.Dark onthedarkside.wordpress.com


~ by onthedarkside on November 17, 2010.

One Response to “Out of The Blue & In To the Black”

  1. Great yarn Sir, but 1000mg Risperdal is sure to kill your Villain forthwith. 😉 M

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