The Secret-O-Life

Small flakes fall from the sky and are accumulating at a rapid pace. A beautiful scene is being painted by nature, as if on cue for Christmas Eve in St. Louis.

Two Ducks dance across the ice covered pond; the coffee pot whistles a tune as it nears completion of my writing nectar. A flame flickers in the fireplace, the light gives way to warmth as the grey snowy sky reaches sunrise or snow rise.

My two cat’s sleep in peace knowing I am hammering away at the keyboard and nothing important will interrupt their world for at least as long as I am seated.

I am watching Cars slip and slide on the fresh snow trying to climb the hill from my vantage point overlooking the pond and the road outside. The Snow is now muffling and buffering sounds, a beautiful peaceful silence. And I sit here realizing just how damn lucky I am. Blessed To be able to observe and have the opportunity to write about life,  it’s highs and low’s.

This is not intended to be a recap of a year, nor is it intended to be some self-absorbed,  narcissistic compilation. I know I am just not that special.

I only hope I provide some kind of useful distraction or evoke a thought on a subject, and if a story may touch or move you in some way, I could ask for no greater reward. I wanted to take a few minutes and thank each of you for your time, your support of my writing. It is my therapy, and my passion..

 I appreciate each of you, knowing you are inundated with visual and mental stimuli. The wise man James Taylor wrote in lyrics. “The Secret -0-Life is enjoying the passage of time.” So thanks for sharing and passing some of yours with me.

 From a Snowy St Louis Missouri. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Friends.



~ by onthedarkside on December 24, 2010.

2 Responses to “The Secret-O-Life”

  1. Well done, Mr. Dark….. I, too, have been counting my blessings, and have found a great one in you, my friend..

  2. You are that special. I enjoy reading your writings. They take me home in a way I can handle (for now). Peace to you in the new year.

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