Beyond Pillow Talk

He had her number and he knew it.   He watched closely and savored it, as she climbed atop the mattress and sighed deeply.   He knew it from the first moment he laid eyes on her.   Long tan legs, curves in all the right places, and eyes that sparkled with passion.  Clearly she was ready; he simply had to lead her to make the decision that would please her most.

Some women were quiet, contemplative, holding it in, afraid to share their true feelings and pleasures.   Not this one he thought.   She was going to be both vocal and demonstrative.   He watched as she squirmed in to position on the bed.

“Are you comfortable he asked?” a form of vocal foreplay.   He watched closely as her long dark hair framed the pillow.

“Oh my god yes.”   She offered in a low moan.   Her eyes closed she was enjoying every moment.  She arched her back slightly to arrange her rear end in to perfect position.

“Good, it is all about your comfort.”  He watched her posture and how the bed molded to her shape.   He could see a slight quiver in her lip.  He knew he had hit a sensitive spot, rarely were men concerned for her comfort, at least not vocally.  Clearly she was a talker, and loved to be talked to.  He watched closely as she spread her arms wide, she stretched her entire body in an arc of sensual pleasure.” Like a cat he thought. “He followed her with his eyes as he asked the most critical question of her. “ Is it hard enough?”

“Harder, harder.” She moaned. Her hands grasping at the edge of the king sized mattress, her teeth clenched in a state of sheer ecstasy.

“Are you ready to commit?” he asked, not wanting to rush her, but to allow her the pleasure of the decision without great thought. “Are you?” he prodded her psyche with a repeated question.

“I can’t do it” she sighed loudly, the breath from her exhale, causing her body to sink further in the mattress.   God knew she wanted to, but she had been burned before. After the act and the delivery, these people were never to be heard from again. She feared having to live with a bad decision for a very long time.

She rose from the bed, her face blushed. Embarrassed and hoping she had not led him on. Yet she was firm in her commitment, not to rush in to yet another bed. “I do hope you understand she said shyly.” I may regret it later she said, letting him down easy.

“It’s not a problem.” he said clearly disappointed. “I’m here anytime you’re ready, pretty much 24/7, 365.

“Again, I’m sorry. But I really want to try the TempurPedic.”   She said her eyes darting longingly at the sleep number control pad.

“Not a problem.  Just another day…… at The Mattress Firm.” He walked to the slim redhead who just entered the shop.


~ by onthedarkside on March 24, 2011.

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  1. You’ve got the hook down brother.

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