Calculating by Moonlight

How many star’s in the sky?” There must be thousands.” Far too many to count, but they added to the beauty of the night sky.

“Four hundred.” It was Four hundred feet, from the truck to the pasture. Of that he was certain.

“Fifty”, fifty times he had made this walk. It was always the dead of night.

“Twenty.” Only twenty more feet and he was far enough from the road to use the flashlight.

“Thirty.” He had to measure off and dig thirty feet from the horse pasture.

“Six.” He dug the hole, six feet deep.

“Four hundred shovel strokes.”

“Five.” He would have five good blisters to remember this evening by.

“Seven.” Seven times this bastard smarted off to him before earning a dirt nap.

“Eight.” He was only the eighth man to be put to pasture.

“Forty Two.” There were Forty two women resting here.

“Twelve.” Twelve of them deserved it. The rest, were collateral damage.

“Twenty Thousand.” Ton of composted horse manure, spread over this field annually.

“Millions.” Of soil microbes fed by the manure, aided in the rapid decomposition of the bodies.

“Six Hundred.” Feet were as close as most could get before the odor kept them from exploring his field.

“Twenty.” The twenty horses would be the only witnesses again.

“Two.” Two muddy and manure stained boots would be the only connection left for evidence.

“One.” Long hot shower, would wash away the smell and the sin.


~ by onthedarkside on April 17, 2011.

One Response to “Calculating by Moonlight”

  1. Chilling. Thrilling.

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