Teaching Fledglings to Fly

Inspiration flows from many sources, and I am constantly amazed what evokes the thoughts that comprise a story. Sunday being Father’s day, it would be easy to focus on the Hallmark version as a feel good writing exercise.

There are many good men including my own father who are deserving of recognition. I shall send mine in a card.

Instead a friends Facebook status put the day in a different perspective for me. I felt enlightened with an understanding of the closeness and similarities of mankind and nature as it relates to parenthood in general. And it is not gender specific. More like, the natural order of the universe.
Michele’s words rang prophetic.

“Enjoying coffee on the deck watching a Red Tailed Hawk teaching her fledglings how to fly…. Awesome….”

Awesome indeed. And exactly what parenthood is about. Man and animal alike want only to see their offspring soar. There is no greater reward. And we hope they fly and unlike the animal kingdom, return to the nest often.

We see the examples daily. I am amazed by it all, including Michele’s ability as a single mother to teach her own Birdie to fly.

We teach them to fly, hunt, and make their way through daily life. Watch as they grow and mature, perhaps build their own nests and have their own families. And as they fly so do we as parents soar as we witness their successes and watch as they too cope with failure. Like the red tailed hawk we try to minimize the failures as best we can.

Some fly away too soon as angels, some fly away to avoid life’s problems, never to return to the nest.

Some nests are destroyed and things are never the same. Except the parents love and concern. My ex when not showing her talons was a good teacher of the young ones. And as much as she will have a fit, over my analogies and my parenting skills. She can kiss my red tail and save the comments.

From the first breath, first day of school, first prom, first heartbreak until the parents last breath, the fledgling’s flight is of paramount importance, just like nature.

So on this day my wish to all is that your fledglings fly and to the children may you always soar.


~ by onthedarkside on June 17, 2011.

2 Responses to “Teaching Fledglings to Fly”

  1. Well stated sir….. You are A GOOD MAN, and A GOOD FATHER…… I am blessed to have such an insightful friend.

  2. Beautiful, Kev. Michele is right, you are a good father ~and a great cousin. Much love to you~Jul

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