The RainMaker

The early evening rain came down in steady sheets. It broke
the heat and humidity, and the spirit.

He sat in silence on his roof and observed it and the world
from a high vantage point. The smell was refreshing and cleansed the stench of summer in the city. He could see people moving about in the building across the street. Apartment 3 A was bustling with activity now.

The steam rose from the hot tar roofs that dotted the skyline, including his.

He watched the water puddle on the flat roof, before it made its way to the drain and disappeared in conical fashion, or the gutters, that he long ignored.  They were clogged. The rain fell over them in heavy streams, hitting the concrete below. It sounded like a waterfall if he closed his eyes.

He scanned the skyline and watched as lightning flashed in the grey green sky. Patiently he waited for the power to go out. The cities old electrical grid was consistent.

The urban art or murals on the old brick buildings seemed to come to life. The rain and lighting made them almost appealing. Trendy shops with trendy names dotted his street. Their upscale lighting and clientele would both soon be gone.

The power flickered just as dusk turned to night. He walked the two city blocks to a bar restaurant powered by a better transformer. The subtle difference between urban renewal and urban blight played out by electricity.

He ordered and savored two hurricanes. Not Pat O’Brien’s good, but acceptable. He celebrated by twirling the paper umbrellas between his fingers.  Two being the limit, he traveled early tomorrow.

Two blocks away the detective confirmed for the coroner, “looks
like another of the Rainmaker’s Victims alright. I need your report to share with New Orleans PD as quickly as you can get it to me. “

The rain came heavy now; his umbrella deflecting it to the
puddles and it ran to the sewers where it disappeared in a conical fashion, the sound like that of a waterfall could be heard as it carried the water to the Mississippi and down river to New Orleans.


~ by onthedarkside on July 8, 2011.

2 Responses to “The RainMaker”

  1. He could live in my neighborhood. Goosebumps.

  2. Mesmerizing.

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