Fall Arrived Today

It begins as a silent yearning.  Or a nagging thought. It sit’s upon my shoulder and whispers to me like an angel full of promise and hope, or at times, a devil full of lie’s and falsehoods.

“Run.” Just get in the car, hop a plane, and take the train.It doesn’t matter, whatever it may be, just go now. If you go now, you can escape it and all the angst.

The same haunting feeling has shadowed me for as many years
as I can recall. And yet I never heed the warnings, I relive the torment year after year. I sit watching the progression like a horror movie scene. I want to scream out as I know what the character about to be killed, fails to see coming.

And yet here I sit, awaiting my fate. And like every year prior it is coming to get me .Life and times, add new wrinkles. A litany of horrors await, from the “frost on the pumpkin’s” of my childhood, to the “Horror of reliving September 11, 2001″ now each year.

The first Football game has already been played; soon Mum’s and Pumpkins will be on display.

Soon comes, the tradition of all Hallows eve. Kids and costumes and dark early eve’s. The leaves will fall and accumulate. We slay theTurkey and invite family in, son of a bitch, it has come again.

It changes and morphs so not to bore me, but the end result remains the same. The cold harsh realities of winter will soon settle in.

I awoke this morning to grey skies and cool rain, a nip in the air compared to summer’s heat.  Only to realize, fall arrived today.


~ by onthedarkside on September 4, 2011.

One Response to “Fall Arrived Today”

  1. Comes too slowly when we burn in summer; then descends upon us suddenly, before we are ready to stop catching fireflies in our bare feet. Feeling a little panicky. You said it best, Kevin.

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