The Shadows of a Dream

The routine would be the same today he thought. Even though he knew nothing else would ever be the same.

He had his coffee on the deck, his breakfast with the kids. Kissed the wife and and left for work at the same time he always did.

He took the same route downtown. A trip he had made for nearly twenty years. It felt familiar which was comforting, but strange knowing it would be his last trip.

He had thought of retirement for several years, now the day was upon him, and it seemed surreal. There were the many health issues to consider, as well as the desire to end the constant travel. Perhaps enjoy seeing his kids grow up and take a bigger role in their lives.  The pluses far outweighed the drawbacks and he had convinced himself it were time.

Sure there were the many things he knew well he would miss.The feeling of being a part of an organization, knowing you belong. After all he had reached the pinnacle of a career many only dream of.

As he pulled his car off the highway, he navigated the busy downtown streets bustling with activity; he knew he would miss the excitement of the city as well. He would miss the many landmarks, the crowds of people walking, the smells on an early summer evening; yes he would miss all of it.

He parked in his reserved spot and made the short walk. The security guard waved hello, as he had for all his years here. He was nearly overcome with emotion thinking of all the people from the basement to the front office. They had all been good to him over the years, and to a degree he owed each one for being a part of his success.

He had requested that there be no big going away party or event in his honor, and he had garnered enough respect that his wishes were to be observed. He was thankful for that, as he wasn’t certain he would hold up well emotionally. He never cared for the limelight, he preferred to simply be a solid part of the team. He fit in, did his job and went home. It was simply the way he was raised.

As the day unfolded he went through the motions of doing his job as he always had. Another solid but unspectacular performance. He was thankful, the only hoopla, a tip of the cap for those who called out to him to say goodbye. He received a hug from the kid who he had trained to take his place. He endured the requisite kidding from friends about his life of golf and travel that awaited him.

He sat quietly and waited for most of the crowd and his coworkers to clear out and go home. He stared at the field that had been his office. The lights were off,he watched as the shadows of the afternoon sky were overcome by nightfall. He would miss the view, the green grass, and the high sky.

He turned and made the walk down the long corridor to empty his locker. He looked back one more time.

The only sound,the clacking of the old right fielders spikes on the corridors concrete floor. This is the pay-off you get, hanging on through the thousands of games through the decades.You get these windows of pure joy. They don’t last long, but then again.they last a lifetime.


~ by onthedarkside on October 8, 2011.

One Response to “The Shadows of a Dream”

  1. Had to read it twice. Felt the tug at my heart that you get when you say goodbye to a loved one. You are a true fan, Kevin.

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