Occupy Wall Street

A brief history lesson on protests and movements of citizenry throughout the ages should sound alarms.

In my life, I have witnessed a few. They never end well in the short term, but may cause change and long term benefits.But first there must be pain.

I watch as people take to the streets all over this country to assemble and protest our governments failed policies, but mostly its failed politicians.They have been bought and sold, they have in turn done the same to the constituents they swore to represent. But power won’t change quickly, it never does, from the dictators and tyrants throughout history we learn this lesson.

There will be those who wave the flag and tell us we live in a democracy. We used to, that too has been compromised with the ability of corporations and money to operate unfettered in politics. Currently the major political parties spend more time fundraising and positioning for the next election cycle than they do governing. The money must come out of politics in order to foster real change and promote an active democracy. Term limits would be another fine idea to assure the elected representation is fair.

The odds of the current power structure relinquishing this control will be zero without a movement like Occupy Wall Street. Now comes the pain…..

Americans are being beaten, pepper sprayed and injured by police for protesting on our public streets, in our public parks. Voting rights are being stripped away systematically by the Republican party, the party most likely to benefit from keeping the present power structure and deregulated banking /financial industry as it is. Next someone will be killed.

Aside from the now visible public outcry and display, there is an unseen casualty of life and loss.

The biggest casulty being belief and hope in our country and the future. When you lose that, you have nothing left to lose.

I myself, I am one of the 99%. Now comes the pain……


~ by onthedarkside on October 15, 2011.

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  1. Well said. Agreed.

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