A Lucky Strike

They met one another at the “Lucky Strike”, where they used to bowl. Fifty years later it seems very apropos.

This is the story of “Mister and Lady” two special people in our lives, and whose marriage we celebrate today.

In a world of constant change, one often full of strife. It is a rarity that for fifty years they have been man and wife. For all my days upon this earth, they have always been partners, lovers and friends.

It would be easy to write about events and dates that filled their lives, but perhaps more important is to share how much they are loved and how they have inspired.

A half century of life, down roads from Deslodge to Durham and places in between. They raised a wonderful family their children extensions of themselves, and cousins I will love all my days.

A gaggle of Grandchildren, each special in their own unique way, all are loved the same way. There can be no better legacy one could leave.

Throughout life’s events good or bad, they are the first there to help or to celebrate as situations required.When one defines family, it is everything they represent.

For those of us that know them and love them, without a doubt they were heaven sent.

We cherish Wayne’s wicked grin, the ornery boils within. A sense of humor expressed in few words but a keen wit,shared often to Patty’s chagrin.

I can close my eyes and hear her cackle when she laughs, a sound more precious than a king’s ransom.

For in all of life, a sense of humor, love and laughter have and will carry us all far.Like so many things they have shared, another valuable lesson to be learned.

And it seems all that is left to say, is thank you for sharing your love with us all these days. And though the prose is short, please know it is from the heart. We wish you a happy anniversary, and by the grace of god Fifty more.


~ by onthedarkside on October 22, 2011.

One Response to “A Lucky Strike”

  1. I can only hope! I don’t think I have the years left in me for a similar anniversary. I do think the right someone will come along and I can have a fraction of what you described your loved ones having. Anniversaries would vanish into endless days of peace, hope, love and joy and time would vanish.

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