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Dark Harborsfinalcover

“What an achievement! Even after I finished this great book, I’m still held in its grasp.   What an exciting look into the life of a modern day pirate. Wow, what a ride! Well done!”

~ Jonas Saul, author of The Specter

DARK HARBORS is delightfully crafted to lure you deeper and deeper into the depths of the captivating tale. It’s perfectly satisfying to lose yourself in picking up the nuggets of clues as the story unfolds, firmly netted in the rising suspense. It is truly a treasure of a dark and twisted tale.

~ Kyrja, author of Mi’s Search for Beauty and Rupert’s Tales

“Masterfully written, wonderfully intriguing, and completely original, DARK HARBORS, will grab hold of you, and not let go until the last page is turned! J.K. Dark is quickly emerging as one of the elite writers in the world of fiction.”

“A must read for 2013″ ~ CK Webb co-author of Cruelty to Innocents and Collecting Innocents

Dark Harbors is a totally engrossing, hypnotically readable Tropical Noir about a retired Rock Star, living out his dream life in a tropical paradise.

But the tropics house more than an idyllic sunny days and diamond star filled nights.

Paradise can be pure hell.

J. K. Dark is a highly skilled author who weaves a tale of wonder and terror.

You will be drawn into these warm waters and have your blood run cold as the tension tightens.

Dark Harbors is a book you do not want to miss.

—B.L. Morgan author of Red Simon: Vampire Punk

“Dark Harbors is speckled with beautifully wounded imagery…remorsefully enthralling adventure, rock and roll and rites of passage into the abyss. J.K.Dark has written something akin to a jewel from a Pirates booty.. His extremely well developed characters and masterful story telling makes one feel like they are reading non-fiction, drawn from his own experience. This book transcends the mediocrity and transports the reader to a new reality. I await the release of this piece of high art on the high seas with baited breath.”

-David Rat- Recording Artist and Author of HAPPY ENDING

In Dark Harbors J. K Dark delivers a fast paced, believable mystery set in the Florida Keys. His use of captivating characters and settings draws you quickly in and will keep you turning the pages. Dark’s fluid style of writing brings you face to face with Jack Cross, an aging rocker who was once at the top of the “sex, drugs, and rock & roll” scene with his band, The Pirates of Rock. Jack made money-lots of money, but also made a series of bad choices in his life that led a drug-propelled slide from the top. Through it all Jack managed to hang onto his yacht, The Dark Cross, which he operates as part of a marginally successful charter cruise business out of Key West. It’s on just such a cruise that Jack relives his past and confronts his future. On his cruises into the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean, Waters once inhabited by pirates searching for Spanish gold, but times really haven’t changed. Pirates still exist. In fact, Jack is a pirate on many levels.

If you have read Anecdotes, Short Stories & Mind Clutter or Dark Thoughts and Dark Forces then you are already a J. K. Dark fan. If you haven’t, you soon will be after reading Dark Harbors.

~ T. C. Isbell Author Southern Cross


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